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Melbourne Mother Warns Parents Over Life Threatening Illness

A heartbroken mother has warned people to stay away from babies if they are sick after her twins contracted a deadly virus.

Her daughters Harlow and Harper became seriously ill after a sick friend visited them.

Now, mother Laura Wallis is warning people not to go near babies if they are sick.

“One twin on oxygen and a feeding tube and another heading the same way so please if you are sick even with a minor cold do not go near babies,” she pleaded on Facebook.

Ms Wallis’ twins were just six weeks old when they caught Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV), which can be fatal if babies contract it. RSV is an infection in the lung and breathing passages, and adults with RSV often think it’s just the common cold. It spreads through droplets if somebody coughs or sneezes.

“It is heartbreaking and extremely scary to see them like this; I just sit next to their beds every day staring at the monitors,” Ms Wallis said.

“When I leave, even for a moment, I am anxious about what I might come back to.

“I am constantly worried something will happen, and their condition will go down even further.”

The newborns have now been in the hospital for almost a week, and Ms Wallis said she’s furious they had been infected with such a serious illness.

She said she first noticed her babies were sick when Harper began breathing heavily when she woke up last Tuesday.

“I was terrified; I thought I was going to lose her — the ambulance came straight away and by the time I got to the hospital she was attached to oxygen and had a feeding tube,” the Melbourne mother said.

Just two days later, Harlow was rushed to a hospital.

“At this stage, I knew why they were sick — I had heard of RSV — but I didn’t realise how bad it could be or that it would just look like a common cold,” the mother said.

“I just can’t believe someone decided they would be able to risk it with my babies. Now they could die,” she said.

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