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Melbourne Man Shares His Own INCREDIBLE Kim K Butt Selfies

Kim Kardashian’s butt is just about as famous as she is and we’ve certainly seen it enough times to know it’s pretty bloody fabulous. BUT, this dude from Melbourne could give Kim a serious run for her (bucketloads of) money.

Ruby Rue is our new favourite aspiring insta-star from Melbourne. He’s gone and gotten himself almost 10,000 fans on Instagram after sharing multiple snaps of his ahhh, pert assets.

His followers LOVE his cheeky snaps and are vocal about their admiration of his incredibly impressive derriere. “Dayummmmmm” one follower commented. “OMG those curves,” is another among many left on his account.

kim kardashian
It certainly seems Kim could be Ruby's inspo

Of course, his account isn’t without negativity with some followers not fond of his ‘belfies’. But do you think this self-proclaimed “pretty boy” has time for haters? Of course not…

Cleaned my haters!! #reubenana

A photo posted by Ruby Rue (@reubenana_official) on

He certainly has all of the sass! Rue had to restart his Instagram account after the original was hacked a few months ago, but he's left those days behind him ('scuse the pun) is back in a big way (seriously, can't help it) and sending love to all his followers, “I LOVE EVERYONE OF YOU AND SO I’M WITH U AGAIN!”

All we have to say is #werkit Rue!

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