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You will never guess how old this woman is!

By Hannah Crocker

Meet the 54-year-old who doesn't look a day over 21 - and she looks so sprightly, her son even gets mistaken for her BOYFRIEND.

Eternally youthful mum-of-one Pamela Jay could pass for a woman more than half her age - which has led to strangers to believe she and her 22-year-old son are a couple. Awkward! 

It might have something to do with her bright, clear skin, luscious locks and a figure women half her age would kill for!  

Source: Caters

The Yorkshire local puts her dazzling appearance down to a strict beauty routine which includes a host of lotions, potions and vitamins that help maintain her youthful glow. She also claims her secret is as simple as a jar of coconut oil.

Pamela starts her day with a black coffee at six o'clock every morning. She mixes it with a spoonful of coconut oil, before showering, cleansing and moisturising her face with top-of-the-range products and preparing a healthy breakfast of organic eggs and gluten free toast.

Her night time routine can take up to an hour. It involves body brushing, showering, exfoliating and moisturising with coconut oil.

The stunning mum workers as a civil servant, and has to contend with people thinking she's fibbing about her age.

"Sometimes people are so stunned I almost have to get out my ID to prove it to them. Sometimes even I look in the mirror and can't believe I'm 54!" she said. 

While many believe Pamela is in her 20s, the modest mum says she thinks she could pass for mid to late 30s, which makes things awkward when she's out and about with her son. 

Source: Caters

"My son and I went to view a property recently, and were asked if we were a couple - when I said he was my son, the estate agent went bright red and looked really embarrassed," she said. 

"He always jokes to me, 'mum either I look really old, or you look really young! I don't think we act like a couple - it's not like we go around holding hands," she continued. 

She says she's often approached by women who want to know who beauty secret and she is always forthcoming. 

"I'm happy to tell them all about my diet and lifestyle - coconut oil is my big secret weapon," she revealed. 

"I use it for everything - on my body, on my hair, in my food. It's fantastic, it's about £15 a tub and it lasts me around six weeks. It really is a miracle product," she continued. 

She says she uses lots of different products, and choses quality over quantity. 

"I use Laura Mercier tinted moisturiser, By Terry Densiliss concealer, Nars blusher and lip gloss, Decleor micellar water and oil cleanser, Pixi Glow tonic, Liz Earle cleanser, as well as Sukin super green moisturiser, and I use Living Proof and Aveda shampoo and hair treatments," she said. 

When it comes to makeup, the 54-year-old says she only spend 5 minutes on it and she always uses an SPF.

"I use SPF 50 Dermalogica on my face, and Korres on my body – I do love to sunbathe, but it's important to be protected from UV," she said. 

She puts down most of her youthful appearance to her clean diet, revealing she eats a lot of organic food. 

"I usually have organic eggs and gluten free toast for breakfast, with a glass of coconut water and added liquid iron, then prepare a fresh salad for lunch every day," she said. 

"I usually prepare something with organic kale, spinach, rocket, cucumber, olives, tomatoes, red pepper and avocado, with pumpkin and sunflower seeds for added crunch and salmon, eggs or chicken for protein," she continued. 

The trim mums says she tries to avoid sugar and wheat products which cause bloating, but understands she needs to be naughty sometimes. 

"I try to follow an 80/20 rule – I'm strict with myself 80 per cent of the time, but I'll allow myself the occasional pudding or square of organic dark chocolate if I feel like it," she said. 

As well as having a super-healthy diet Pamela drinks gallons of filtered water every day, goes to weekly body conditioning and yoga classes, and does yoga stretches morning and evening with daily meditation.

She also hits the gym once a week where she has a steam and sauna, followed by freezing cold showers to keep her skin toned, along with a weekly detoxing bath filled with pink Himalayan salt crystals, and weekly face and hair masks.

She said: "At the end of the day it's down to my clean diet and lifestyle - if I ate unhealthy all day, I probably wouldn't look or feel as good.

"I've always looked young for my age I think, but obviously I've aged well.

"I think laughter's really good for you - I have a wicked sense of humour and I'm always laughing, I try to look on the positive side of life."

Pamela, who is happily single, said dating can be difficult - as most of the men who approach her are somewhat younger.

"A lot of men who come up to me are younger, often in their 30s. When I tell them how old I am they're pretty stunned, and straight away tell all their mates," she said. 

"I'm not perfect, and I don't think I look as young as some people say - but I am really proud of how I look," she continued. 

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