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Mayweather Wins, Social Media Provides The Entertainment

The biggest fight of the decade is over and done. 

Floyd Mayweather won by a unanimous vote after 12 rounds, maintaining his undefeated ranking. 

But if you ask us (and seemingly a lot of fans who spent good money on live streams of the bout) social media was the real winner on the day! 

From the witty repartee, celebrity spotting and memes that will no doubt continue doing the rounds over the coming days. 

The lead up to the match was focused on the fact that anyone who is anyone was at the match... oh, that and Paris Hilton getting way too much air time with her leather look and posing. 

Then comes the entry into the arena. Mayweather had Justin Bieber in his entourage but suprisingly Manny's wingman was none other than Jimmy Kimmel - so on that alone we feel he wins that round!

Biebs couldn't get quite so close to the action as the eventual winner made his entrance... 

The match began without much fanfare, with a few missed opportunities from both sides... and a few too many embraces... for most dedicated boxing fans' liking. 

Others who were more into the spectacle than the fight seemed more distracted by Beyonce in the audience and trying to figure out how the score would be settled without a KO. 

In the end, Mayweather was too good in the ring and won 118-110, 116-112 (x2).

But fans still weren't happy, again turning to Twitter to express their frustration (and occasionally comic wit).

All in all there's one thing a lot of us have come to agree on... 


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