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Man Rushed To Hospital After Snapping Penis During Sex

A man was rushed to hospital after attempting a daring new sex position with his lover, when his penis actually snapped.

Are you clenching yet?

Reports are saying the Vietnamese man shocked doctors at the Ho Chi Minh City hospital as he had broken his penis "at the joint".

The 59 year old man claims he heard a loud CRACK just before the pain consumed his whole body, while he was having intercourse with his girlfriend.  

In an interview with Vietnamese newspaper Tuoi Tre, a staffer from the Binh Dan Hospital said that the man's penis was bright purple, and that it was swollen and bruised, but visibly broken at the joint.

The man was rushed into the operating theatre where a team of precision doctors worked for hours to stitch his penis back together.

It is still unknown exactly what exotic position caused the man's penis to snap...

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