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Man Reveals Pokies Hack To Make Sure You NEVER Lose Money

Anyone who’s played on a poker machine probably has a cringe worthy story about that one time that they lost way too much money. If they weren’t so darn addictive we’d avoid playing them because it seems almost impossible to win on one.

But one guy reckons that he’s found a hack that will allow people to play the pokies without losing any money whatsoever.

YouTuber Campbell Walker, also known as Struthless on his social accounts, posted a video last week explaining the hack to his followers that promises even in the worst case scenario, people will win. All it will take is a bunch of $5 notes, a machine with 2 cent bets and a whole lot of patience.

“Find a poker machine that allows two cent bets, insert a five dollar note, and place a two cent bet,” says Walker in his video. 

“If you don’t win, collect your receipt for four dollars ninety eight, head to the bar, they run it to the nearest five cents, and you exchange it for a brand new five dollar note. Repeat this process for as long as you want because there is absolutely no downside.”

So basically, while you might not be making heaps of money every time, you’re not actually losing any money as venues are forced to pay out physical cash. This means that anything smaller than five cent denominations must be rounded up to the nearest five cents.

Pokies have a strict lowest legal return rate of 85 per cent and so in the worst case scenario, a night spent betting on the pokies should technically pay out a total of $1.70.

And while this probably wouldn’t even cover your trip to and from the club, Walker has stated that someone who plays the pokies on two hours a week on average over a year could bring in $212 based off this worst case scenario sum, without actually losing any money at all!

So in other words, FREE MONEY! But of course you’ll have to take the time to collect your receipt after every single bet. But worth it! Show this to a mate who needs to try this hack!

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