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Man Who Drank 20 Red Bull & Vodkas Heart Almost Exploded

A 38 year old man has died after allegedly downing 24 cans of red bull over an 18 hour period.

The man complained of chest pains and dizziness after downing the energy drinks. He was rushed to a Chula Vista hospital but sadly died a short time later of cardiac arrest. 

A disturbing video has emerged of the man in hospital, which shows his heart almost pounding out of his chest.

His death is a reminder of the dangers of consuming such caffeine laden beverages.

A number of deaths have already been blamed on drinks of its kind in the past. 

France has even taken the bold move of banning energy drinks because of its high caffeine content.

Just one 24 oz can of red bull contains the equivalent caffeine of seven cans of Coke. Pretty scary!

Doctors are urging any one with heart issues or another other medical conditions to stay away from energy drinks.

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