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Man Admits To Disemboweling & Murdering Girlfriend

Last September, a Florida man admitted to disembowelling and murdering his girlfriend after she said her ex’s name during sex.

CBS Miami reports that Fidel Lopez, 24, of Florida, told police he became,e emerged when his girlfriend, Maria Nemeth, 31, twice said her ex’s name during sex last September.

"She changed my name," he said. "She called me the name of the other (expletive) guy. And she said it twice, and she was wrong, and she was confusing me with him. At that point, I get mad," he said. "I get mad."

Lopez originally told the police that they were having rough sex, and she then passed out in the bathroom before he called the police. However, during an interrogation, he revealed he was lying. Instead, he said he was ‘enraged’ when Nemeth said her ex’s name during drunken intercourse in the closet. She then passed out.

Lopez carried on to say that he smashed things around the apartment and began to punch holes in the walls before returning to the closet and inserting foreign objects into the woman’s vagina and anus.

He said that he pulled "internal tissue" from her body while she was passed out.

He then called the police.

When they arrived at about 3:40 am, they discovered Lopez sobbing over Nemeth's mutilated body, which was lying naked in a pool of blood.

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