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‘Making A Murderer’ Theory Will Make You Question Everything

The Netflix series 'Making A Murderer' has exploded in popularity since it’s release over a month ago.

Everyone has their own theory on whether or not Steven Avery, the central character of the docuseries, is guilty of Teresa Halbach’s murder or not.

Now eager fans of the show have uncovered some new evidence which could help Avery if he gets a new trial.

They have zoomed in on a photograph of the murder victim.


It shows her standing by a car with a keychain that has a bunch of keys on it.


However the key that was found in Avery’s bedroom was just a SINGLE key on a fob, NOT part of a set.

This key ended up being a big focal point of the prosecutions case. This strengthens the theory that the key could have been planted in Avery’s room.

Mind. Blown.

What do you think?!

Image via hellogiggles

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