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MAFS Runaway Bride Just Slammed Her Former Husband..BIG Time

Married At First Sight’s runaway bride has slammed her former TV husband following her exit from the show last night. Lauren Bran married firefighter Andrew during last week’s show, but despite appearing to his it off, the single mum did a runner on the wedding night.

Now, Lauren has taken to Instagram to set the record straight claiming her former TV husband only appeared on the reality show to further his music career and she would never do the show again. She also claims viewers got the wrong impression of her reactions to the confronting situation. 

Jilted Groom v #RunawayBride: It's the confrontation you've been waiting for, TONIGHT 7.30pm! #9Married

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'To make all aware I laugh out of nervousness,' Lauren wrote. 'It's not for being ditzy or because I didn't respect Andrew. 

'I was in a full blown meltdown fight or flight mode. Andrew had been texting me, we had spoken and we're fine! He also was in it for different reasons (music career).'

She went on to slam the editing of the show, telling followers she wasn’t happy with how she was portrayed.

Do you think Lauren and Andrew's connection could be the start of true love? #9Married |

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'They edit so much of this BS and have made me to be the wicked witch of the west. Try walking into a room with 5 cameras in your face & confronted with the expert. It's such an overwhelming experience & I would never do it again!!'

Andrew said he had no hard feelings and agreed that Lauren wasn’t the right girl for him.

“I was looking forward to what was to come, so I was disappointed that I was going to be missing out on the experiment. But on a personal level, it didn't hit me too hard- I can't be any taller than I am,” he told The Fix.

It seems like height is a very big deal for the women on this year's season of Married At First Sight!  



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