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Little Girl’s Rant About Airport Security Is The Best Thing

A little girl has become the voice of the people after becoming frustrated at airport security. Video showing two-year-old Mila unleashing on the wait time at a US airport has gone viral. 

The little girl was travelling to Michigan with her family when she became unimpressed at airport security. She had some very strong, yet but cute words to say about the delay. 

“First of all, the line,” Mila moans, “so long. Ridiculous. I’m two, not cool! Luckily, I’m still on diapers. This could’ve been bad.”

She then revealed the airport security staff had taken her shoes of an het trippy cup. She labelled the random search 'mortifying' befor putting her head in her hands. 

“The dude let me out, but not Charles. He got the pat down. So embarrassing,” she said before rolling her eyes. 

She ended the video by declaring: "Never again. You’re done. I’m done with you. I’m not cut out for this.”

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