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Lisa Wilkinson Says What Her Relationship With Karl Is Like

Today show host Lisa Wilkinson has revealed what her relationship with Karl Stefanovic is really like.

Posting a photo on Instagram with her ‘on-screen husband’ Karl and her ‘real life’ husband, journalist Peter Fizsimons, Wilkinson joked ‘Like I’ve always said, why have just one husband when you can have two!! Especially when they get on so well.’ 

The post has been liked by over 6,000 people and everyone was positive bar one person who commented   'Is her husband sick?? Why the scarf on his head all the time?? #weird #Notcool,'

Lisa wrote back instantly saying ‘Thanks for your concern but no, he’s actually really well. Just lost almost 50 kgs by giving up sugar and alcohol… and has a book coming out in a few weeks on how to live a healthier, happier, more positive life. I highly recommend it to you. Cheers, Lisa.’

Well, we love you Lisa, Karl and Peter!

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