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King Curtis From Wife Swap Is All Grown Up

If you’ve never heard of King Curtis before, you better sit down and prepare yourself! He featured on an episode of the US TV show Wife Swap back in 2009 when he was just seven-years-old. 

Since the internet never forgets anything, almost everyone has heard about this boy and his deep love for chicken nuggets.

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During the show, Curtis’s mum was swapped for Joy. While Curtis’s family loved Demolition Derby and lived on junk food, Joy came from a family of fitness fanatics and promoted healthy eating. 

The young boy got into several heated arguments with Joy about food and some of his most memorable quotes include, “chicken nuggets is like my family”, “bacon is good for me”, and “she’s acting like she’s the Queen and we’re the sorry people”.

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The self-appointed “King of the House” is now 16 and has recently done an interview with where he spoke about his time on the show. 

Curtis claims to remember filming the episode of Wife Swap and that people would repeat his classic phrases back to him, “All the time. People yell either ‘bacon is food for me’ or ‘chicken nuggets is like my family’.”

He’s now studying welding at college, living with his parents and has a girlfriend. He also said that his girlfriend has seen his episode of Wife Swao and that, “her senior quote is, ‘She’s the Queen and we’re the sorry people’.”

The most important question of all is, does he still believe chicken nuggets are like his family? Well, he answered, “I still like them. I have them at least once every two weeks”.

Good for you, Curtis! The chicken nugget king lives on! 

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