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TV Star's ‘Nude’ Optical Illusion Selfie Sparks Huge Debate

Polish-American model and The Real Housewives of Miami star Joanna Krupa sent her fans into meltdown when she posted a video on Instagram in which she looks like she is TOTALLY naked.

Joanna was quick to point out that she was in fact wearing nude underwear, but in the short Instagram video in which she is standing in front of a bathroom mirror, you could be forgiven for thinking that she's completely naked.

"2017 #body #goals #fit #nofilter #joannakrupa yes I do have Nude colour on‼ so relax #haters” she wrote.

As you can imagine, haters were hating. Many who believed that she was truly naked did the opposite of staying chill about it.

The comments quickly filled with shocking messages scorning Joanna for being photographed 'nude' and for being 'desperate for attention'. 

Joanna has since taken to Instagram to shut the haters down, sharing a close up of the video which clearly shows that she's not naked.   "The mystery about my panties...solved! Can you see me now? Lol. The jokes on you #opticalillusion".

You go girl! 

Seriously, the things people get their panties in a twist over...

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