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YES! First Born Children Are Officially The Smartest!

It may come as a surprise to those who AREN’T the first born child in their family, but there is now evidence to show that yep, the bubs that come first are now OFFICIALLY the smartest.

The new research comes from the University of Edinburgh and concludes that first-born children have a higher IQ test score than their younger siblings, with the evidence visible from as young as age one.

Researchers said the findings could be explained by first-born children receiving more mental stimulation and support in developing thinking skills from their parents during their early years.

It’s not just your intelligence that’s superior, either. It also explains the so-called birth order effect where older siblings enjoy better wages and more education in later life, according to researchers.

The study was also conducted in collaboration with Analysis Group and the University of Sydney - making it super relative to all of us - and examined data from the US Children of the National Longitudinal Survey of Youth collected by the US Bureau of Labour Statistics.

The findings showed that advantages enjoyed by first born siblings start from just after birth to three years of age. Parents changed their behaviour as subsequent children were born.

So you can OFFICIALLY thank your PARENTS for being less adequate than your older siblings.

Source: Daily Mail

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