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"It Comes At Night"'s Full Official Trailer Just Dropped

Remember how, months ago, we called It Comes At Night as being the scariest movie of 2017 thanks to its bloody terrifying teaser trailer?

Well, we did - and, not to brag or anything, but it looks like we were WAY RIGHT; the full official trailer has just dropped and it's given us the full-on heebie jeebies.

The flick is being touted as a psychological thriller and stars Joel Edgerton, Riley Keough and Christopher Abbott as they deal with an "unnatural threat" sweeping the planet.

Aussie actor Edgerton told EW that we can expect an "incredibly intelligent" movie when It Comes At Night hits screens later this year.

"Let's be honest, horror movies have a bad rap," the 42-year-old said. "It's up to movies like Get Out and It Follows - and this movie, I hope - to [remove] the stigma of what I refer to as the 'blood porn' nature of horror.

"Horror films can be incredibly intelligent."

Check out the trailer in the link above in, we'd recommend, a brightly lit room and with some form of Disney movie playing in the background.

Oh, and make sure all of the doors and windows are locked first.

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