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Is This The Most Awkward Photo EVER?!

Golf star Rickie Fowler has just joined the likes of Angry Cat with his photo becoming the latest super-meme to hit the internet. 

The US golfer was snapped during his team’s Ryder Cup Celebrations. The United States hadn’t won the cup since 2008, so were pretty keen to seal the win with a kiss.

The photo shows his teammates embracing their partners - the only problem is Folwer is stuck in the middle between all the couples, all on his lonesome. The golfer is seen hilariously shrugging his shoulders in between what looks like a make out sess. 


While he didn’t have a significant other to kiss, he did steal the heart’s of people on the internet, who praised the world’s most famous 15th wheel for his hilarious reaction.  

Just last year, Fowler was the envy of men around the globe, after the rising star was spotted pashing his bikin-model girlfriend Alexis Randock after winning the Players Championship. 



Funny how times change!

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