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The Woman Who Doesn't Work As She's ''Too Beautiful'

A rich kid of Instagram has angered UK TV viewers after she bragged about her extremely pampered lifestyle.

Julia Stakhiva, a 23-year-old Russian socialite, told the presenters that she is ‘’too beautiful to work’’ and therefore spends her whole life partying.

The model-like blonde, who has parents that own a multi-million dollar food production company says she didn’t know how wealthy or beautiful she was while she was growing up.

When the night is right ! With my bff @stefagordiyenko

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“I never felt like I was special. I couldn’t understand why people were looking at me, but then I realised it was because I have beautiful clothes and shoes,” she said.

Julia owns clothes worth an estimated $4 million and has over 100 handbags that are each valued at over $8,000 each, and she shares all of her life online. She currently has over 40,000 Fans.

One of the hosts, Eamonn Holmes, made things awkward when he said that most if her followers are probably haters but she agreed that half of them would be.

“I have people who hate me, who blame me for being rich, but how can they blame me if I didn’t choose this life. I was born into it,” she said.

At the family gathering ❤️😜🙆#summer2016#pucci#dress#love#life

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Despite her claims about not working, Julia says she is not work-shy and will one day take over her families business.

“I’m the only child. I have to maintain what my father achieved,” she said.

“There is a lot of pressure because my parents expect me to achieve more than they did. “They expect me to be beautiful and smart and educated.”

Graduated with Bachelor Degree 📚🔝🏆It's time to celebrate!

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Just the three easiest things in the world then.

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