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Instagram Adding New GAME-CHANGING Feature

We don’t know about you but that little unfollow button that’s been on Facebook for a long time now has proved itself to be extremely handy in cases where you can’t unfriend someone but you no longer want to see their stuff poop up in your feed.

And now it seems that a similar function is coming to another social platform! That’s right, soon enough you’ll be able to pick and choose the stuff that you do and don’t want to see in your Instagram feed without having to go through the harsh measure of unfollowing someone completely.

Instagram is adding a button that will allow you to mute people that you follow! Which basically means that you can stop someone’s photos, videos and stories from appearing on the main screen of your Instagram. You’ll still be able to view the person’s profile and vice versa, and you can also un-mute them at any time.

And of course the best part about it is that the person you mute will never be able to find out, so awkwardness is completely avoided!

If you’ve got an annoying family member who posts 50 times a day, an ex who you’re supposed to be friends with still but you're sick of seeing pics of their new partner or some other annoying variation, then very soon you’ll be able to get rid of them from your feed with the simple click of a button.

Of course, you could always just do the savage unfollow or unfriend move in order to stop seeing someone’s content but in this scenario it’s kind of guaranteed that you’ll offend the person.

The mute button will be rolled out onto the app in a few weeks time so keep an eye out and get ready to clean up your feed!

And if you suddenly stop getting views from someone in particular then you’ll know that they could’ve possibly muted you too...

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