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The Truth About Those 'Candid' Instagram Snaps Revealed

You know when you see photos online of beautiful girls in pristine settings that seem to have imaginary photographers capturing these incredible moments?

Well, most of the time, these ‘imaginary photographers’ are actually the poor boyfriends.

Yep, guys forced to take ‘candid’, ‘natural' photos of their ladies - and my gosh, it looks downright punishing.

The Boyfriends of Instagram page focuses on showcasing the hardworking man behind every ‘insta-famous girl.

From beachside photoshoots, to candid sun-baking shots, there are a variety of poses showcased on the social media page.

One boyfriend even went the extra mile standing on the edge of a spa as his girlfriend and her group of friends held up their wine glasses beneath.

However, it’s not only the fellas that get called up to capture these candid moments - it’s kids, too.

One women proved this by getting her kids, who would have been no more than eight-years-old, to take raunchy photos of her ad she posed on the beach.

Welcome to the Instagram age, people.

Source: Daily Mail

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