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INCREDIBLE News For Shrek Fans!

If you love you some big green ogre, you’re about to be very, VERY happy.

We’ve just got word that ‘Shrek 5’ will be coming to a theatre near you in 2019! According to reports, Austin Powers writer and Baby Mama director Michael McCullers is writing the story.

Shrek 5 is set to release in 2019, nine years after the last film in the series, Shrek Forever After, debuted in theaters.

We hope your Valentine's Day is Ogre-ific! Who will you be celebrating with? ❤️

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One thing to look forward to? Shrek and Fiona’s babies will more than likely be all grown up!! Also, we’re 98% sure Eddie Murphy will be involved.

There has been no solid confirmation yet, but Eddie revealed “they’ve got a good nice script,” which suggests he’s involved.

Source: Hollywood Life

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