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INCREDIBLE News For Guzman Y Gomez Fans!


Do you love burritos?

That’s nice, so do we.

And there is some amazing news.

The following Sydney and Melbourne suburbs are about to get Guzman Y Gomez drive-throughs and it’s the best news we have ever heard.

So congrats Hoxton Park in Sydney and Coffs Harbour, and South Yarra and Tullamarine in Melbourne, you can now just drive through to get your hands on some chicken wrapped between some bread with beans.

“Our customers have spoken and we’ve listened," said founder Steven Marks

"We’re so pleased to be announcing 38 new locations around Australia. GYG is here to shake up fast food and we’re showing customers they don’t have to compromise on quality for the sake of convenience and speed. Hello GYG drive-thrus!”

So, there goes your diets.

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