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Incredible Moment Humpback Whale Saves Snorkeler From Shark

Incredible footage has surfaced of a 63-year-old snorkeler being protected from a nearby tiger shark, by a humpback whale.

The footage of whale biologist Nan Hauser, shows the whale pushing her with his head and mouth, before tucking her under his pectoral fin, before lifting her out of the water at one point.

It seems the whale was trying to protect Nan from the 15-foot tiger shark spotted lurking nearby.

Though the shark is never actually seen on film, Nan rises to the surface and informs her team in the boat on the water.

The whale biologist told the Daily Mirror that she believes the moment in September reveals the whale’s intuitive instinct to protect another species of animal.

As Hauser returned to the safety of the boat, in the waters off Muri Beach, Rarotonga, the Cook Islands, the whale even came back to check on her.



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