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ADORABLE: Identical Twin Upset Because She Wants To Be Older

Image: YouTube

This is so ADORABLE!

Identical twins Alexis and Ava realise not one, not two, but THREE huge revelations about their lives in the matter of minutes, and they're not quite sure how to deal with any of them.

First, they realise that being identical twins means that not only do they share the same birthday, and in their words that they're both "adorable" (which they are!), but that they look the same as each other!

Secondly, younger twin Alexis has a mini-meltdown after realizing that Ava is her older sister by 1-minute, and Alexis wants to be the "bigger" one (watch at top).

After Ava tries to comfort her slightly younger sister Alexis, we come to a huge plot-twist, they stand side-by-side and realise that even though Alexis is younger... she is slightly taller, and now older sister Ava is upset!

This is simply just too much "adorable" to handle, watch the full video from the McClure Twins below:

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