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Threats Hurled In The Most Explosive MKR Episode Ever

For the first time in My Kitchen Rules history, a team has been asked to leave. If you weren't watching, here's what you missed. 

The entire cast were dining at the home of Kim & Suong, who were forced to delay serving their food while bickering amongst the cast took place.

The explosive moment occurred when sisters Jess & Emma clashed with rival contestants Sonya & Hadil.

Tensions were already high between the girls after Sonya & Hadil started a fight when it was Jess & Emma’s turn to cook for their fellow contestants. Did they leave old beef in the past? Nope.

Sonya fired the first shot of the night while everyone was complimenting Henry & Anna on their performance in the competition.

“Better than some cooks that are left on this table,” she muttered under her breath, taking a swipe at Jess & Emma’s cooking ability. 

Hadil took it one step further and said “The fact that they’re sitting here is an insult to anyone that can cook.”


The sly digs continued from there before things turned personal and the girls started insulting one another’s appearance.

“Disgusting clowns,” Sonya exclaimed.

Eventually Jess stormed out of the room to try and keep her cool, but Sonya and Hadil continued to ridicule her as she walked away.

“Sit down. You think you’re a princess, but a real Princess wears diamonds not cubic zirconia,” Sonya taunted.

“Bye, Blowfish!” Hadil shouted.

At that point, Emma began to argue back, telling Hadil she looks like Bubba Gump.

Fellow contestants sat in silence exchanging awkward glares while the drama unfolded – all the while, Kim & Suong food was getting cold.

Everybody began to intervene, trying to calm Hadil down, which only escalated things more. Her and Sonya turned on everyone and hurled threats across the table.

“I’ll come for you, and I’ll come for you, and I’ll come for you” Sonya shouted, pointing at everybody surrounding her. 

“You’re all disrespectful assholes!” she screamed.

It was at that point that judge Manu Feildel put his foot down.

“Teams, please...” he said.

“This behaviour is unacceptable.”

“Sonya and Hadil, you’re excused from the table.”


The girls continued to trash talk as they exited the building. 

“This is just pathetic – just like those girls” Hadil remarked.

... And this all happened before entrés were even served!

No word on whether or not Sonya and Hadil will return to the competition in future episodes.

Speaking to, an insider said  “I can’t let you know what happens in episodes beyond broadcast, unfortunately."

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