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#HurtBae Guy Says His Ex Knew About His Cheating

Video of a woman confronting her cheating ex-boyfriend quickly went viral shortly after Valentine's Day, dubbed the world over as #HurtBae.

The emotional clip was posted by The Scene, and shows ex-girlfriend Kourtney, confronting her cheating ex-boyfriend Leonard, face-to-face.

Now, Leonard has had his say via Krispyshorts, and has been dubbed #HonestBae.

Leonard claims the relationship ended years ago and the video only came about after he agreed with Kourtney's idea to appear in an organised casting where they were "looking for exes to talk to each other about their relationship that had ended with cheating."

Leonard says he didn't think it was a good idea but he consented and thought it would be a good way to give themselves closure on the relationship that ended years before.

He goes on to say that he wasn't notified until the next day that the video had gone live, and found out through his mother who was upset at the way her son was portrayed.

He also says that Kourtney KNEW about his cheating.

Watch the video at top to see his side of the story, not that we forgive him or anything.

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