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Supermarkets Are Cracking Down On The One Thing We ALL Do

Coles is bringing in the big guns in the fight against shoplifters. The supermarket giant recorded a $1.1 billion loss at the hands of thieves last year and now they're hitting back. 

Police officers will now be on the lookout for shoplifters who who take advantage of the self-service checkouts as part of the supermarket giant's crack down. Police warn officers will have no hesitations in arresting those who steal items as low as $2. 

“No matter how small you think it is, even if it’s the avocado and you’re saving $2, it’s still shoplifting,” detective superintendent Murray Chapman said. 

“It’s still stealing, it’s still a crime and if we catch you or you get caught, you will be charged.”

Police have prosecuted over half of the 22,000 reported shoplifters over the last financial year and are expecting an increase over the summer months. 

Source: Gettyimages

Last week it was revealed to that Coles was looking for ways to reduce the number of thefts at its self-service counters.

Research reveals that distancing shoppers from the ‘human face’ of the business, encourages them to steal.

A Canstar Blue survey revealed young people favour the self-service area to avoid human interaction and are the most likely to pass off more expensive fruit, vegetables and bakery products as cheaper products.

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