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How Do You Rate On Australia's Most Criminal Names' List

It's all in a name. 

An Australian law firm has taken it upon themselves to determine the nation's most criminal names. 

And we're fascinated. 

Leon and Robin top the list for males and females respectively. 

Of every 100k Leon's there are in Australia, 3193 have committed a crime. 

Most criminal male names
1. Leon
2. Ivan
3. Ali
4. Gerald
5. Roy
6. Terrance
7. Albert
8. Danny
9. Frank
10. Frederik

Most criminal female names
1. Robin
2. Kym
3. Nicole
4. Lee
5. Shannon
6. Raelene
7. Kerri
8. Tiffany
9. Sonya
10. Jean

If your name is not on the list but you are curious as to where it rates, the Lawyers have created this nifty website, here. 

Not only can you find out where your name rates in Australian criminal history, you can also find out what crimes are most associated with that moniker. 

It's strangely addictive. 

Does your name or nickname have a criminal history? 

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