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Heartwarming Moment Girl Asks Stepdad To Legally Adopt Her

A stepfather in America has been left with tears of joy after receiving the most thoughtful gift a stepchild could give. 

After years of trying to legally adopt 22 year-old , David Lynde thought his chances were over after continual rejections by his step daughter's biological father.  

After turning 18 Gabriella also thought her chances were over, but she discovered this year that she was eligible for an adult adoption, which did not require her biological father's consent.  

Inside a gift bag, Gabrielle placed a pen and the adoption papers as a birthday gift. 

Video captured the heart warming moment, David pulled out the papers in front of a room full of family in their Florida home and discovered he could now legally adopt Gabrielle. 

The 22-year-old will officially take David's last name once the paperwork has been finalised. 

Source: Youtube. 

In a classic dad moment David reaches into the bag and pulls out the pen, exclaiming, "I've got a pen!" 

Once he digs deeper he discovers the adoption papers and breaks down in tears. 

"Gabby you have no idea" he said. 

The pair embrace and Gabrielle tells him, "you've been my dad and those papers don't change anything. We still have our relationship." 

Watch the heart warming video here: 

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