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Heads Up: There's Been A Heaps Sneaky Change To Instagram

OK, so if you're down with the cool kids, you're probably aware that Instagram have taken one more giant leap toward turning into Snapchat, allowing users to send "private disappearing photos" to their followers.

Like, if imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, Snapchat must be super heckin' flattered right now.

BUT Instagram failed to mention one, tiny thing: Just like Snapchat, users would get a sneaky notification if they screenshotted any of those private messages.

Busted, babes. Totally. Busted. 

If you want to check who has been screenshotting YOUR private messages, you can head to the DM section of your app and, under the icon symbolising each user you've pinged, it'll say whether or not they've been saving your naughty pics to show their friends. 


Thankfully the notifications only apply to the disappearing snaps, and not Instagram Stories or normal pictures, so you can continue creeping on your ex's mother's sister's postman to your heart's content. 

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