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Harry Potter Yoga Is An Actual Thing And It’s CRAZY Fun

Whether you’re a wizard, a muggle, or just looking for some fun you can’t go past Harry Potter themed yoga classes. That’s right, the boy wizard has inspired more than just books, mugs and theme parks… now die-hard fans can get fit as they channel their love of everything Harry Potter.

Muggles Isabel Belran and Ximena Larkin from Texas are the master-minds behind the magic. Fittingly their first class took place on the eve of Halloween, which also marked the anniversary of Lily and James Potter’s death.

Equip with wands participants do many of the classic poses, but they've been Harry Potterfied. For instance, the tree pose is now called the Whomping Willow and yoga mats are now invisible cloaks.

If you thought it couldn’t get any better… a sorting hat is involved in deciding where participants stand.

The only downside is the yoga is currently only being offered in Texas, but if you're desperate to try it out there are Harry Potter yoga videos on Youtube.

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