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Hardware Store Found Hiding $79 Price Tag Under $149 One

Masters have been slammed for the lack of bargains in their fire sale since it started but now it appears they are also misleading their customers.

A bargain-hunter in Melbourne has complained that a set of kitchen taps was advertised at 40% off, with a $149 pie tag.

However, underneath that tag was a sticker saying it was actually worth $79.

Stefan said he then confronted staff at the Box Hill store and asked them to honour the lower price tag and they refused.

'This is how Masters are conducting their sale. Hiking up the price and then taking 40 per cent off, $149 price at the front and $79 price at the back,' he said.

'Despite their sale tickets saying 40 per cent off lowest ticketed price, they refused service.

They're still ripping people off.'

He has now threatened to complain to Consumer Affairs Victoria and the ACCC Consumer Rights.

The store has said that as the tag was ripped just in front of the 79, it is possible it may have read $179 but Stefan has said that he did not tamper with it.

'I didn't rip anything off, someone else before me did, but when I saw the price tag hanging off, I got curious,' he said.

Other users have pointed out the tag is 2013, and it could be older. Masters have now said they will investigate.

Under Australian consumer law it is illegal to put a higher price tag in front of a lower one, so if it supposed to be priced at $79 then the lower price would need to be honoured.

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