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Fast Food Chain Sells "Adult Meals" - With "Adult" Toys

We're never going to be able to look at a Happy Meal in the same way.

Fast food chain Burger King - known as Hungry Jacks here in the great land of Australia - have taken their kids' meals into seriously kinky territory to celebrate February 14, creating an "Adults Meal" with suitably adult toys.

The Valentine's Day special, which is only available to customers over the age of 18, consists of two Whoppers, two portions of chips, two beers and a "romantic ADULT toy" that, to be completely honest, doesn't actually look that romantic?

According to promotional pictures, you can expect a satin mask, scalp massager or what looks like a feather duster in the pack, because everyone knows that housework is sexy.

The bad news is that it looks like this particular Valentine's Day-themed dinner is only available at participating stores in Israel BUT maybe if we dream big, start a petition and make a lot of noise, we can get our very own Adults Meal in the pipeline for next year.

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