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Guy Pranks His Girlfriend By Giving Her The "Best Day Ever"

Men all over the world, the bar has been raised.

A guy by the name of BC who is madly in love with his girlfriend Taylor, played the ultimate prank on her to give her the 'best day ever'.

He enlisted the help of Ammar, Thomas, Matt and Derin from YouTube channel Yes Theory, as well as Taylor's friends, to help him execute the most amazing surprises and a lot of joyful tears.

The 'best day ever' took one week of planning. Unbeknownst to Taylor, she was going to be surprised with gift cards, roses, classy cars, and – yes – puppies.

BC didn't do all the typical big stereotype things though, each surprise was tailored to his girlfriends's favourite things, such as being surprised with free macaroons in a Lyft ride, which was a Rolls Royce by the way.

Watch the video at top to see the extent this guy went to for his girlfriend, not because it was her birthday or because he was proposing... simply because he loves her.

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