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Groom Pulls Off SAVAGE Revenge On Cheating Bride

While the saying goes, 'hell have no fury like a woman scorned,' it appears men may just be as vengeful. One groom has proven that revenge is not only a dish best served cold, but is also pretty successful in the presence of family and friends.  

After discovering his wife to be had cheated on him with a number of friends, an Irish man plotted the best revenge plan EVER. Speaking on The Graham Norton Show, Irish sales agent Sean, revealed how his best friend’s revenge plan went down. 

He told stunned audience members how the seemingly happy couple went through with the whole wedding ceremony. His best friend's new wife appeared blissfully unaware until her new hubby got up to make his speech. 

“We’re going to play a game” he told the crowd full of family and friends. He asked his guests to stand up before instructing them to flip over their plates. He instructed those with red dots on their plates to remain standing.

“Ladies and gentleman, will you please look at the eight gentlemen still standing,” the groom said. “They have slept with my wife since we have been engaged. I am now going for an annulment,” he told the shocked crowd. 

Sean said at that point his best friend exited the reception leaving his new wife to answer ALL the questions. PURE genius!

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