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'Goat Yoga' Is Sweeping The World

You're probably well aware of the benefits of Yoga, it's low impact, calming, promotes flexibility and suited to all ages and fitness levels.

You're probably also well aware of a variety of different types of Yoga including Hatha, Vinyasa, Bikram and so on.

What you're probably not aware of is that there's now a thing called 'Goat Yoga'.

Born by accident on No Regrets Farm in Albany, Oregon, yogies can now do their downward dogs and warrior poses among some friendly, and inquisitive little friends.

In operation for around 8 months, the owner of No Regrets Farm, Lainey Morse, is taking bookings internationally due to the high demand for this unexpected form of Yoga.

The whole idea came about out of the blue, however, while she was hosting a kids birthday party. One of the mothers in attendance, who was a Yoga instructor, commented on how perfect the pastures would be for a Yoga class. Morse agreed to provide the venue and goats, while trained instructors perform the actual class.

Speaking to SBS, Morse says of the goats: "The goats are very friendly, socialised animals and they're calming and loving. They often lay down on the mat and just want to be pet. It's a good distraction."

We're not quite sure just how calming and relaxing it would be to have a goat jump on your back - watch the video at top - but sure, we'd totally give it a go. Goat Yoga classes are now sweeping the U.S, fingers crossed this trend arrives in Australia soon!

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