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Glitch In Trump's Website Allowed People To Write Anything

Seeing a screenshot of Donald Trump's website with "HILLARY WINS" emblazoned across the top is the last thing we expected to see today - let's face it, even if Trump does lose the election, it's doubtful he will easily admit defeat. 

But a glitch on his official website allowed users to do just that. 

A basic coding hack saw the general public add a broad range of statements and criticisms of Trump and his policies, we think our favourite is Carrot J McCarrotface... although some were at least a little bit more intelligent. 

Others went the more creative route.

Either way, it gave us a whole lot of entertainment...

And then of course there is this...


A meme doing the rounds this morning showed Donald Trump sneaking a peek at his wife, Melania's, ballot card - just to make sure she was in fact voting for him. 

Sadly, the Trump web developers cottoned onto the glitch and have since removed the Press Release page that allowed the edits. 

But it was good while it lasted... 

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