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Georgia Love Is All Of Us In These Awkward Myspace Pics

Just when we thought we couldn’t possibly love her any more, Georgia Love shared some epic throwback photos of her younger self... From MySpace!

Images from her old MySpace account show the Bachelorette star as a teenager drinking beer, pulling funny faces and posing awkwardly in her school uniform.

Ahhhh, finally a celebrity we can relate to!

The Tasmanian journalist, who is now a host on Studio 10, shared a selection of the cringe worthy snaps with her Twitter followers on the weekend, writing: “Could this be any more My Space?”

“I was the ‘cool chick who drank beer’ who have never heard of getting her brows done,” she explained, adding “#2006georgiawastheworst”.

Another image of Georgia sticking her tongue out at a friend was captioned: “Who ever said I’m not pretty?”

After posting the spree of photos, the TV personality then joked:

She truly is just like the rest of us!

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