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Forget Ninja Warrior, It's A Knockout Is Still The BEST!

While Australia has been loving the new series Ninja Warrior, that sees the fittest and most athletic contestants competing in an INSANE time trail on a ridiculous course featuring obstacles like this... reminded us of a simpler time when not-so-athletic mum's and dad's from the suburbs would compete against each other on the biggest show in the country, It's A Knockout!

This show pitted teams from each state competing in such hard-core extreme games as the greasy pole challenge, the egg and spoon race (complete with water cannons being squirted at you!) and a lot of dressing up in oversized foam suits while people threw balls at you.

Most games usually featured the contestants getting drenched, and usually ended with the over excited co-hosts Billy J Smith and Fiona McDonald yelling wildly "They've fallen over!!!!"

The show was so big in it's prime that they made several 'Celebrity' episodes, one of which featured a very young Kylie Minogue!

The show had a massive budget for the time, we're guessing they spent a fortune just getting the giant foam suits made up!

The show was so big in the 80's it even had it's own board game!

So the next time someone tries to tell you how amazing the contestants on Ninja Warrior are, just ask them if they could balance an egg on a spoon while dressed as a giant martian while they ride a bicycle over a greasy pole!!!

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