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Floyd Mayweather's Proposal Was Just As Terrible As You Think

Floyd Mayweather has definitely made a name for himself in this world. Not only for being an undefeated champion, not just for being Pacquiao - but for being indecent, cocky and all up a little too confident.

He's been in the news for his violent outburts, and even for assault against his partner, but what I saw Mayweather do recently takes the cake.

He proposed to his former girlfriend, Shantel Jackson, and now the details of the proposal have been published by TMZ Sports.

It seems that Mayweather proposed to Jackson via text message, in a manner that sounded more like a business deal than a romantic declaration.

This is the error-riddled text Mayweather sent, according to court documents accessed by the website.

“This is what I offer to you. Let’s get married move in together you can go back in forth to L.A and stay at the condo,” Mayweather wrote.

“I promise I will get you in 3 A list movies this year and I’m willing to go to counselling to make us work and you can get the stuff you want and I’m willing to change but I need you to have a better attitude.”

Mayweather met Jackson when she was a 21-year-old hostess in Atlanta and until their split in 2014 filed various lawsuits against him for assault, battery, defamation, harrassment and invasion of privacy.


When launching the suit late last year, Jackson listed a series of incidents where she claimed Mayweather abused her, including pointing a gun at her foot and asking which toe she wanted him to shoot.

“There was a point in my relationship with Floyd that I thought we would be together forever. I loved him so much and I made sure that I took care of him the best I knew how,” Jackson said.

“I tried my best to make our relationship work by compromising and going to relationship counselling, but I finally realised that there was no hope and our relationship could not continue...

The split came about when Mayweather accused Jackson of aborting their twin babies.

Jackson is now said to be dating rapper, Nelly.

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