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First Photos Of Stephanie Scott's Alleged Killer Vincent Stanford Released

Vincent Stanford is the man striking fear into the hearts of Australian women after being accused of killing Leeton High School Teacher, Stephanie Scott.

However, until now the country was unaware of what one of our biggest predators actually looked like. Every shot of Stanford shows a shirt over his face or a blanket being held up to hide his face as he walked to the police car.

Now, The Daily Mail has released photos of Standford's Dutch Identification Card.


Though his eyes are blurred for what we can only assume are legal reasons, you can get an idea of Stanford's stocky build.

According to The Daily Mail, Stanford's former boss, Mireille Antonisse revealed that his colleagues used to nickname him 'King Kong' due to his abnormal strength and rampant body hair.

The employer also revealed that the cleaner had trouble reading social situations and would hardly ever speak.


'He is a big guy and exceptionally strong. I think it is part of his condition. If he shut a tap even my husband could not open it again,' Antonisse said.

'Later on his colleagues nicknamed him King Kong because he could lift two crates with one hand like it was nothing.'

Stanford came to work at the industrial cleaning company after leaving school and quitting his job on a cargo barge at the age of 17.

Source: The Daily Mail

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