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Fight Involving Five Females Broke Out On Plane

Image: Instagram

How's this for in-flight entertainment...

A fight involving five female passengers broke out on a Spirit Airlines flight from Baltimore to LAX airport and was caught on camera by multiple passengers.

In the video below, you can see an airline attendant struggling to contain the situation, that occurred once the plane had landed at LAX. The rowdy passengers can be seen pushing each other to the ground, pulling hair and at least one punch was thrown.

Witnessing passengers claim it all started after a few passengers were playing their music loudly, on a boombox. When other passengers asked them to turn it down and they wouldn't, the fight started.

Instagram user "sweetassmagu", who posted the below video seemed amused however, captioning the video "Im back!!!! In other news... Fight on the plane and now we gotta wait till the police get here! !!! 😡😡😡😡 only to me!!!! #spiritairlines"

Witnesses said flight attendants and passengers were able to quickly diffuse the fight, and no one was seriously hurt.

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