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Everything We Know So Far About The iPhone 8

A new video from Cult of Mac (above) has surfaced outlining some of the major rumours surrounding the brand new 10th anniversary iPhone 8 model due out in September this year.

The video suggests Apple might opt for an all new design possibly based on a ceramic body similar to the Apple watch, which would be available in any colour. Advantages of a ceramic body, according to Cult of Mac, would include extremely high scratch resistance as well as being superior in dispersing heat away from the phones processor.

Another rumour is that Apple could go back to having a glass body, which would allow wireless charging technology, a function which has apparently been in development at Apple headquarters. Whatever the choice of body, Cult of Mac is certain that'll it will enable the new model to have higher water resistance ratings in order to catch up to the Samsung Galaxy S7.

One of the most exciting rumours so far though, is that the new model iPhone 8 will come with facial recognition technology uses actual laser beams, enhancing the phones security as well as augmented reality.

Cult of Mac also expects OLED screens to replace the current LED screens which, along with many other of the rumoured features, would hike the price per handset up to over $1,000.

It all sounds like it might be worth it though!

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