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Elderly Mum Unknowingly Lived With Son's Corpse For 20 YEARS

It sounds like the plot of a horror movie, but the New York Post have reported the chilling discovery of a man's skeleton in his elderly mother's house.

Even more intriguingly, the NYPD believe that Rita Wolfensohn, who is a legally blind hoarder, had no idea that her son, Louis, had died in his room; when questioned, Wolfensohn spoke as if he had moved out many years before.

The body, which was "completely intact", lying face-up on a mattress on the floor and dressed in jeans and socks, was found when a relative arrived to take Wolfensohn to the hospital.

The room allegedly "reeked of rotting food, but not of decaying flesh"; one police officer told reporters that it was "like some reverse Psycho scene" and that the room was so full of rubbish and dirt that it looked like "a garbage truck had dumped its load" inside.

According to her sister-in-law, Wolfensohn, who was widowed, was estranged from her family and had allowed her house to fall into disrepair.

While authorities would not confirm the identity of the body, public records indicate the Wolfensohn had two sons, Michael and Louis; Michael died at 38 years old in 2003, while Louis, who was a cab driver hadn't been seen by relatives in 20 years.

Court documents indicate that he would have turned 49 on Sunday.

The investigation is ongoing.

Image via Google Maps

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