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Dog Owner Sparks Outrage After Tattooing Pet For Odd Reason

A dog owner has sparked outrage after covering his pet dog with multiple tattoos.

The dog's owner, tattoo artist Emerson Damasceno, claimed the tattoos would protect the dog from cancer. 


(Image: Facebook)

The white bull terrier has been pictured with five tattoos of an anchor, a knuckleduster and a diamond, on its mouth, ears and next to its eyes. It also has a logo of the LA Dodgers Baseball team on both ears. 


(An image of the dog before it had the tattoos. Image: Facebook)

After images of the tattooed dog appeared on social media, there have been calls for the man to be charged with animal cruelty. 


(Image: Facebook)

The owners have since deleted the photo from social media after it caused an online storm. 

According to The Mirror, the tattoos have been condemned by veterinary experts. 

It's unclear if police are investigating the situation. 

Source: The Mirror

Do you think the owner should be charged for animal cruelty? Tell us in the comments section below. 

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