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Is The Classic Oz Sausage Sizzle Set To Go VIRAL In America?

When you go and vote in Australia, half of the excitement is getting your hands on a snag from your local sausage sizzle.

Who doesn't love a good old #democracysausage ?

Today, as Americans head to the polls to elect their 45th president, it's all about being rewarded with a sticker.

I think we all know which country is winning here, am i right?

We get to actually TASTE democracy.

As a result, the hashtag #democracysausage is totally trending right now!

In EXCELLENT news, Michael Rowland from ABC News Breakfast has taken matters into his own hands by taking the time to host his very on sausage sizzle in between reporting on the Clinton/Trump election.

Talk about doing 'straya proud. Should this guy be nominated for Aussie of the year?

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