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CRAZY Reason This Man Was Slugged $170k Bill From Telstra

A Queensland man has been slugged with a whopping $170,000 bill from Telstra and a bad credit rating, Fairfax Media has reported. Murray Clode said he was left ‘absolutely speechless’ after he discovered the massive bill after initiating a live chat with the telephone giant last week to switch from Telstra to Vodaphone.

The Currumbin local said he was up to date with his bills and there was no reason why he would be charged that much. He also claimed Telstra had never been in contract with him about the bill. The stock market trader is concerned his plans to buy a unit in Airllie Beach will now be halted because of the shock bill.     

'The existence of this false default listing is potentially very damaging to me...I have never been contacted by anyone regarding an outstanding debt, and I can evidence that all my accounts with Telstra have been paid prior to their due dates,’ he said. 

Telstra told the Daily Mail that an investigation into Mr Clode’s bill concluded he does now owe the company $170,000 and an error was made by the live chat consultant. The company says it will apologise to the 53-year-old for the mix up. 

Mr Clode has lodged a complaint with the Telecommunications Ombudsman. 

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