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Cops Respond To Calls Of Lifeless Body, Didn't Expect THIS

When emergency services receive a call about the appearance of a lifeless woman inside an apartment, the worst is feared. 

So imagine the shock (or relief) these cops in Amsterdam felt when they realised the motionless body was in fact a sex doll. 

Neighbours had alerted the police to the discovery when they sighted a woman dressed only in lingerie, standing or perhaps hanging near the window of an apartment for hours without moving. 

Futher alarms were raised when no response was heard after ringing the unit's buzzer and knocking on the door. 

The police felt they needed to kick the door in, expecting to find a grizzly discovery... 

Thankfully they had a sense of humour after the dangerous situation turned into anything but. 

"In fact, they found a dead woman, but she was made of plastic and filled with air," the police department posted to their official Facebook page. 

We wonder if the owner of the doll is feeling a little bit sheepish... 

H/T: Huffington Post, Image:

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