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You Won't Believe What You Can Now Study At THIS University

Here's one way to take ‘Higher Education’ to a whole new level...


A Canadian college plans to teach marijuana cultivation so students can be trained to work at companies that produce the drug.

That's right, you can LEARN how to grow pot. If Snoop Dogg was ever going to enrol at a University, this would HAVE be his number one choice. 

The French-language College Communautaire du Nouveau-Brunswick would launch the course in 2017, executive director Michel Doucet said.

Unsurprisingly, the college is "looking at training qualified employees to meet the needs of industry, versus training students at large."

We imagine there will be a surge in students trying to sneak their way into this subject!

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau campaigned last year on a promise to legalise recreational marijuana and the government has said it would introduce legislation early next year.

Medical marijuana is already legal across Canada, and companies in that relatively small sector have been eyeing the larger recreational market with expansion in mind.

Know anyone who would get an A+ in this field? 

Source: AAP/Staff Writers

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