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Coles Moves Baby Formula Behind The Counter

Coles says tins of baby formula will now be kept behind service desks

or alternatively tagged with anti-theft lids, a supermarket spokeswoman said in a statement on Tuesday.


This comes after reports that baby formula were being bought in bulk from Australian supermarkets (at around $25-$30) and sold to parents in China for a profit at $100 per kilo.

Since this started, Aussie mums have been arcing up on socials and mum forums express their frustration about not being able to get the brands their babies can digest because it's always sold out.

Woolworths won't be joining Coles, saying it's not a part of their policy to have baby formula behind their shelves or locked away.


"Baby formula remains available on the shelf for customers in Woolworths stores," a spokesman said. "We're continuing to work with our suppliers to increase the supply of these essential family items."

Both Coles and Woolworths have continue to have a two-tin limit.

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